Tribute To Maggie (Maria Magdelena DeLeon)

cropped-041209jules2.jpgIn 2006 I lost my baby girl to a placental abruption. It was devastating to me. My than six-year-old daughter handled it much better than I did. While she felt the loss, being so young, she was quite resilient and healed quickly.

The picture I posted here was a couple of years later when on Maggie’s angelversary, I ordered pink balloons and we tied notes to them and released them. The note you see is what my darling J wrote to her sister in heaven.

5 thoughts on “Tribute To Maggie (Maria Magdelena DeLeon)”

  1. I love this M-E! The story, the note, the tribute. All of it!

  2. Thanks Nic. I am going to put the poem I write for her here too. Just haven’t gotten to it yet

  3. What a great story of both of your daughters M-E! J is a special little girl!

  4. Very poignant. I am sorry for your loss.

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