Be careful what you post online


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Someone is ALWAYS watching

At class for confirmation last night, Deacon and the other teacher reminded the kids about social media dangers. Yep, think about getting your first job? Perspective employers will look at your online presence and can determine you are not the right fit. Trying to keep that job? Employers may periodically check what your saying or pics your sharing. Then they make an excuse to fire you!


Print Proof!!


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I just ordered a print proof for When Demons Hide! This is not the final cover below. CS made me change it.

When Demons Hide

When Demons Hide


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OK, now available on Kobo, Page Foundry, and Scribd. By the end of the day, I’m hoping more. Also working on getting it set up for print on demand.

Once the book is approved via POD I will get the new cover up and posted.


You know you’re a writer when you’ve found a million ways to procrastinate #writer #writing

One of my procrastination downfalls involved a feline walking across my laptop and I just have to pet her rather than shooing her away.

G.L. Cromarty

You know you’re a writer when you’ve found a million ways to procrastinate…here are a few tips to help you spot the procrastination pitfalls.

Reading really is the perfect excuse for any writer because you can convince yourself that it is actually helping you to become a better writer. Yes, it certainly is, but sometimes you do need to put the book down and get back to your keyboard and write.

Snacks.If you want to keep your writing brain in tip-top working order you need a snack, right? Yes, until you realise you’ve eaten enough food for a small party, and then it’s time to explore the possibility that you might be letting procrastination creep in.

Daydreaming is the birthplace of all good plot ideas. But maybe if you’re daydreaming about ‘fetching another snack’, it’s time to get on with actually writing the book!

Editing! Is the worst form of writer procrastination. You know you need…

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