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Stuff, stuff, and more stuff. I have accumulated so much over my lifetime. I’ve decided it doesn’t make me happy.

I went through some old Christmas stuff and decided to get rid of it. I know buried among the ornaments are ones from Mom either passed down or bought for me. I’d rather have Mom then all this stuff. I am keeping the Christmas village houses that I made and a couple of nutcrackers but that’s it. I haven’t touched this stuff since before Sally and she’s 12 years old!

So, if anyone thinks I’m nuts, so be it. I could probably make a little cash selling it but I just don’t have the energy or time to do so. I think tossing or donating it would make me happier.

Remember this when your kid says they want something. How long will it last? Will it give them joy? Or will it collect dust and eventually be tossed.