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Haven Conner took care of her sisters better than their mother ever did. When a social worker came to the apartment one night to forget his demons, he felt compelled to save the three girls from living with their whore mother.

Once Child Services took over the case, the girls were separated. The two youngest were lucky. They were adopted. Haven moved from foster home to group home to living from day to day on the streets of the city.

One summer morning while playing a game of basketball with his friends, Elias saw a young woman playing guitar under a tree in the park. Neither Elias nor Haven realized how that moment would be the beginning of a new road for both of them.

Haven’s Destiny is a romantic, rags to riches story that will tug at your emotions like no other. Haven discovers the most important hero in life is herself. If you like tales about heroes and survivors, Haven’s Destiny is a novel you won’t want to put down.