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How you treat others who are different defines who you are!

When you see a person who is a head taller than you, do you stare? If someone in a wheelchair is struggling to open a door, do you help them? Your child comes home and says they “like” a person of a different race, how do you react? The new neighbor has a Ferrari, should you assume they are a snob? Your best friend tells you he decided to quit his job as a lawyer and join a traveling road show, do you think he’s crazy? A co-worker confides in you about questioning their orientation, do you spread rumors? And the man down the street hangs up a confederate flag, how do you react? What if the flag is a rainbow instead?

The old saying, “don’t judge a book…” isn’t just a clever cliche. What’s on the inside is much more important than the leather sleeve or glossy cover.