And the point…. See how many of the cancer killing foods you eat. How many are natural. Fruits. Vegetables. Spices. In other words… NOT prepackaged crap. Check this out. Simple soup, made different daily with one ingredient.

cancer killing recipe



When I was diagnosed with cancer almost two years ago, at first I was sure, I’m going to die soon.

And I ask myself: “How this all happen?”  And the answer was very simple: “To much stress and bad diet”.

So, I knew right there, that with the doctors help, healthy diet and less stress I should be able to beat this awful disease. And from that day on I started reading about cancer, searching for healthy foods, cooking my healthy soups and drinking “Ensure”.

During my treatment: 8 weeks (5 times a week radiation and once a week chemo) I was able to keep my steady weight (+, – 3 LBS). I spend most of my days trying to figure out which food is healthier, what I can swallow, and most important, what I can keep in my stomach.

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