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And they say you should post on a regular basis. I have been lax.

Went on vacation with the most beautiful girl in the word, my daughter. We visited the west coast. San Francisco Zoo is awesome.

SF Zoo

We also visited Wolf Haven International, a wolf sanctuary in Tenino Washington. As we were awaiting the beginning of the tour, all the wolves began howling. The guide said, “They never do this in the middle of the day.” It was about 1 pm and hot. Mostly the wolves chill out in the heat of the day. We actually met all of the residents of Wolf Haven except the coyotes who decided to hide. I’m adding a link to the site’s gallery. Check out the beautiful past and present inhabitants. Donate if you feel so inclined. Or set up a visit.


All in all, it was one of my favorite vacations. Not just the places we visited nor the things we did but the fact that my daughter and I did it together.