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Do you know someone who is being abused? Be a true friend. Give them all the support they need. Listen. Be there with an open ear, an open door, whatever they need. They may not even realize what they are experiencing is abuse.

Do you know when someone repeatedly calls you names, puts you down, makes you feel like a pile of nothing… THAT is verbal abuse and it hurts, sometimes even more than when you get hit. The damage goes even deeper than a bruise. It breaks your soul.

If a person thinks it is their fault, they may stay. You may think how can they do that? But listen to me, you have to realize, a victim might think they are the problem, not the abuser. If they can only behave or do the right thing, the abuse will stop. Until a victim understands what their experiencing is wrong and not their fault, they may not be able to leave.

The best you can do is give them support of whatever you can. Offer to take them to a shelter. Or simply listen.

Be a true friend.