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I’ve had a few.

Life after cancer… When you’re diagnosed, all you can think of is the things you didn’t get a chance to do. I hadn’t yet had a child, written a book, traveled much farther than Canada, etc. I survived.

Life after the loss of a child… For a while, it overwhelms you, consumes you, it is the ONLY thing that matters. And then, your living child smiles at you or gives you a hug and you know you have to go on. It doesn’t matter that your spouse is grieving in his own way making it impossible for him to provide the emotional support you need. It doesn’t matter that he is unavailable to assist in the care of your living child or that he never really was there and remained unavailable to you.

Life after divorce… I’m still working through this one. My daughter is older now and she is supportive. She helps more around the house. She’s actively participating in life and making more friends. Something I need to do more.

Life after death… Well… I’d prefer to concentrate on life before that.