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Over my lifetime, I have come to discover that human beings have something special or unique. Sometimes it is a “Great”. A few times, and I am hoping less than the alternative, it is an “Evil”.

Let’s concentrate on the “Great”!

You may not know you have one. If you can’t name it, it’s time to figure it out. It has taken me 50+ years to find mine. I thought I had nothing special, regardless of people telling me I did. I used to think I was less than normal, unique in a negative way, not worthy of your time.

My mom told me something many years ago. The day of my birth, I could not wait to meet my family. The doctor didn’t make it to the delivery room. When I finally arrived, I was blue and had the cord around my neck. Mom tells me that when she heard me cry she was relieved to know I was going to be all right.

I’m not sure when she realized it, but at some point she knew I survived for a reason, a special purpose, something “Great.”

Life had it’s struggles for sure, teenage angst, depression, my own cancer, the death of close family members, the loss of my sweet Baby Maggie… But recently, I discovered what my “Great” is.

My legacy, my Great, the positive that I will leave behind… My Daughter.

My daughter is my own personal “Great”. More than likely, she may not become president or famous, she may not win a Nobel prize or discover a cure for cancer, she may not have a ton of wealth or worldly possessions.

She is, however, the most wonderful, kind, special, loving, generous, fantastic human being I could ever have raised. I’d like to think it was ALL because of me. I know that isn’t true. Some of this she was born with; some came from the time she spent with my own mother or other family members; and other parts came from people she has met along the way.

Still, being her mom, I had the greatest influence on the person she is today and will be in the future. Teachers tell me how wonderful she is. Classmates write special words about her. The people at work say I did a great job with her. All of this adds to my pride in the young woman she is becoming.

She may not be perfect, who is? She has her struggles, her bad moments, and her mother’s attitude when she doesn’t get her way.

Considering all her many facets..

SHE is GREAT! She is my GREAT! And she will always be GREAT!