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…when you don’t even know him yet?

I miss the sound of his voice, the smile on his lips, and that crazy little laugh. Although we have never been in the same room, he is farther from me than before. An ocean between us seems like a trip to the moon and back.

I know, I’m being a tad silly, perhaps a bit nuts, and yes overly romantic.

I can’t help it, that’s how I feel.

My brain on the other hand tells me to be realistic, cautious. I have to listen to that voice over the young woman who’s dreams are so close at hand. My inner mama says true love doesn’t exist. That in all relationships, there is a dark side. Everyone has an inner “mean” and it lashes out at those they claim to love.

It all makes me doubt there is true love between two unrelated. The only real true love is what a Mom feels for her child and a child feels for her Mom.

OK, maybe I am being jaded by my own past. I still believe there is no great love that the love between a mother and child. There can’t possibly be a bond stronger that that of a woman and the tiny little human she made and watched grow up to be an adult.

And yes, there are some mothers and offspring who do not have this relationship. I’m sure Jack the Ripper’s mom didn’t feel the same about her son as I feel about my daughter. And what about Hitler? Did he love his Mum the same as my daughter love me?

No. I’m sure of that. Speculation? Yes. But I’m still sure.

That’s my rant for the day.