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It has to be one of the most difficult tasks of writing. I sometimes edit as I go, look back to make sure there is a flow, that the hints are just helpful enough to lead you in a couple of different ways, make sure I didn’t reveal too much, and that I am not repeatedly repeating my repetitious words.

There are certain phrases I tend to overuse. OK, sounds like a plan…  that type of thing. I’m sure as a reader those things are annoying!

Even after a professional as edited and I go back to  check those edits, I find even more things I want to change. It’s hard to say when a work is acceptable to me. I am my own worst critic for sure, aren’t we all.

So still working on Demons and hope to finish this round over the w/e.

Next step, while waiting for the editor is to work on the query and synopsis. More difficult tasks.

Wish my MSs would come out as good on paper as they do in my head.