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You hear people say that all the time. What do you want to do with your life? Lead a nation, teach children, heal the wounded, make some sort of difference no matter how small? Whatever you can envision yourself doing, get up, make a plan, and do it. Do NOT sit back and let life go on without at least taking a chance!

In 2006, I lost my baby girl to a placental abruption which basically means the placenta separated from the uterus. There was no reason, no explanation. Who knows if it was my blood pressure and something more drastic. And maybe it just wasn’t in the cards for me to have another Earth angel.

Regardless, it is time for me to move on, take that leap of faith, and do what I need to do to heal.

#Recovery is hard, no matter what you are recovering from. A catastrophic illness, the loss of a loved one, mental illness, or addiction…. When you have any of these happen to you, it’s important to have a great support system. I’ve experienced all of these in one way or another. Leukemia was my big illness, almost gave up… We lost our sweet baby girl when she was born into the arms of God; guess he needed another Angel. I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety. And there were times in my life where I was addicted to one thing or another: cutting, bulimia, food, throwing up. You name it, I did it or know someone who did it.

Trust me. You are better, more attractive, more gifted than you believe yourself to be. Someone loves you! Someone is helping you! Someone LOVES YOU. #BeStrong