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LOVE. More than a feeling. We need it to thrive. Sure, without it, we can live, survive. But those who succeed? They have someone who loves them. I’m not talking financial success or fame. I’m referring to those who have all they need emotionally and spiritually and have all their basic physical needs met. The ones who are happy just as they are. Maybe she doesn’t have jewels. Maybe he can’t afford the luxury car. Perhaps that family can only afford to eat out once a month. But they all have love.

Think about it.

I do. A lot. I wonder if I know how to love, if I know how to be loved.

Then I look at my daughter. The center of my universe. She proves to me every day that I am worthy of love.

Yes, there are days that I forget and times when I long for a relationship to make me whole. While I know there is an aching need to find that special someone, I also know loving my daughter is just as important. Teaching her that she is just as loved as she is loving.