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Little Ryan shivered in the dark corner of the crawl space. Hiding gave him comfort. Not today. He could hear them arguing. He stuck his fingers in his ears and began humming. Anything that would block out the sound. He rocked back and forth to the tune.

Gwennie gonna help me. Gwennie come get me. Fly me away.

If his friend knew how much he wanted to break free, surely she would come get him.
An acrid scent entered his nose, causing the boy to sneeze.

Screams of horror filled his tiny ears.

Gwennie gonna save me. Gwennie come over. Take me away.

His eyes burned. One hand quickly rubbed his nose before the pointer finger returned to his ear. He ignored the sound of his name.

Gwennie, Oh Gwennie come over. Steal me away.

A cough leapt out of his mouth, then another. That smell, he thought.


I know that sm…