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If you’re sad, can’t stop the voices in your head, contemplating cutting or worse, aching to feel better or even numb, wanting to escape the tragedy you see before you, if you feel lonely, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP!

Asking does not mean you are weak. Asking means you are willing to face your demons. Asking is for people who want to be SURVIVORS.

Some say suicide is selfish. Those are the people who have not considered taking their own life or have not had a friend or family member so close to the edge, or God forbid, one who has fallen into the abyss.

I know what I thought of… That the world would be better without me, that my family would be sad at first but eventually they would move on or forget. That my memory would soon fade into a “What if…” dream. What if she didn’t decide there was no other way out. What if she told even ONE person.

FIND that ONE person and scream to him or her the YOU need HELP! You are a person in crisis and YOU NEED HeLp! Stick your head out the window and holler!

SUICIDE is NEVER the Answer. It is a PERMANENT, UNdoing of life.
You CANNOT do a do-over or a take back if you succeed!

The end of my rant!