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Today was a good day, mostly. I accomplished quite a bit at work. When I got home a mowed a little bit. I can’t do too much. Not sure if it is the heat, the sun, the vibrations, the dust, or any combination thereof… If I do too much, I end up with a severe migraine.

So, when I was done, I let my body cool off, had a quick dinner, then turned on the TV and walked in place for about 15 minutes. I relaxed by doing some deep stretching. Felt so good!

Now I’m just chillin’

The only bad thing I can think of is hearing something not so nice about a person I trusted to be honest. I was hurt. It’s not something this trusted person did to me yet it does not matter. When someone does something like this… it just pains my heart. I want to trust. I need to trust. And I always get hurt. I cried on the way to lunch in my car. Sad but true. I was that upset.

But I pulled my pieces together in time to return to work.

Such is life.