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OK, many of you know I have addiction issues like food (ugh, I need to eat), self-harming, self-loathing, slight agoraphobia, anxiety, depression, co-dependency, I could go on.

Well, I am turning a corner here. I have to. For me and J.

So, took off half a day, we both got Fitbits, and we walked. Now, being 50% bigger than J, I could not keep up. She walked twice as fast and did twice as many steps.  On the other hand, I did probably 40% more steps than I did yesterday.

So we embark on a new journey to be more physically aware of ourselves and find our way to a better, healthier, stronger, more centered us.

You and me against the world, kid. YOU and ME!\

J’s thoughts:

Plus food (good healthy food). Can’t get enough of it! (Caesar salad)