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I always get anxious about traveling, even if I’m going someplace I’ve been before. If I’m flying it is worse. Luckily we’re taking the train.  We are prepped and ready to go except those last few things one always has to do. And its not like were going out of the country or some out of the way wilderness where I can’t buy what I need.

I bought a Samsung Nook tablet so I don’t have to carry my laptop with me. Got a great deal. The thing is like close to $400. I got the tablet, cover, stylus, two books, and the protection plan and the whole thing came to $350. So it was like getting all the extras free and $50 plus tax off. And it was on a whim that I decided to go that day! Bad news is that I had J set it up. Now that I want to use it, I can’t unlock it LOL

Have to wait for the AM to ask her. UGH