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Carmen Calderón moves from Boston to central Connecticut with a secret that even she would like to forget, her childhood was wrought with abuse, addiction, and abandonment. She keeps this secret from everyone until Devon Sawyer comes to her rescue. Physical symptoms like hair loss and insomnia begin to emerge, causing Carmen to question her ability to survive. Through her first few sessions with her therapist, she recognizes the nightmares are memories, which increases her anxiety and self-doubt, yet she knows she must move forward to heal. During her road to self-discovery, Carmen experiences moments of doubt, causing her to back away from those she cares about. She believes they would be better without her.

A former boyfriend, Devon Sawyer, walks back into her life. Carmen slowly begins to trust Devon enough to share her story. Devon does whatever he can to help Carmen. One night, he hears her scream and dashes to her rescue to find her half-awake in the middle of a bad dream. She nearly attacks him. The incident causes her to rethink the idea of staying with Devon and decides it’s time for her to seek inpatient treatment.

While in the inpatient facility near Boston, Massachusetts, Carmen’s path crosses with her father, Carlos, who now volunteers at the facility. He recognizes her first yet hesitates to tell her. Something about the way he looks at Carmen strikes a familiar chord and she realizes who he is. Almost immediately, Carmen senses that perhaps the stories her mother told her about Carlos may not have been true.

When Carmen finds out her mother is still alive, she asks Carlos to help her find the woman who took away her self-worth. Meeting the woman would be a way to piece together the shards of her life and find closure. Carmen, Devon, and Carlos visit the diner when her mother works. In confronting her mother, Carmen sees that all the bad memories were true.

Finally able to reconcile with her past, Carmen turns her attention to the present. She and Devon talk about marriage and family. At first she is anxious, wondering what kind of parent she will be. After more soul searching, Carmen lets go of her fears and agrees to marry Devon. In the end, Carmen and Devon start a family, knowing the future is bright.