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Doing a query letter and synopsis. Tell me if this description intrigues you:

When stunning twenty-seven year old Carmen Calderón’s tortured past starts creeping into her present, she seeks safety in the arms of the only man she’s ever trusted, Devon Sawyer.  Despite his unwavering support and her personal strides toward self-love, the couple quickly learns that personal pain is hard to shed and the path to exorcising old demons is hazardous. Told in alternating points-of-view, WHEN DEMONS HIDE is an Adult Romantic Suspense, complete at 101,000 words.

Carmen doesn’t know why she pulls her hair out at night, or why she picks at her flesh until it is raw. But together with her new therapist, she’ll slowly put the suppressed story of her young life back together. As she remembers a lonely childhood filled with abuse and painful abandonment, she’ll have to grapple with her understanding of her disappointing mother and absorb her helpless inner child. As she tunes back into the trauma of her childhood, Carmen finds she is distancing herself from Devon. Carmen will need to face her demons and recognize a past beyond her control before she can regain stability enough to accept Devon as the man she deserves and finally commit to the family life he’s proposed.