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Wildly loud T-storm tonight. There were a few far away claps of thunder, then it went quiet. Then BANG!!!! I jumped, literally, from my chair. I let out a little scream. Someone slept right thru it. Went on for 20-30 minutes maybe. Just as it was quieting down, he lifts up his head and says, “Is it thundering?”

OMG He is dead to the world when he sleeps! Can’t wait to get my bed back to myself. May 7 cannot get here fast enough. There have been so many milestones to hit in this journey. I’ll see the light at the end of a tunnel, make it through, only to find another tunnel ahead of me.

Still, the hardest part should be over with. Unless there is some last minute turmoil, we should be beyond the anger and into the calm, I hope.

I’m confident I can move on. Even at this age, change is a big part of life.

There is one thing of which I am afraid in my future. Well, I’m not sure “thing” is the right term. Mostly it’s me. It’s knowing myself. Knowing that I suffer from Lost Puppy Syndrome. I fall for it every time. Doesn’t matter if it’s friends, colleagues, or a love interest, when someone is in need, I have to help and I end up losing myself in that person’s struggle. I’m not sure how I can change this, but at least I am finally aware of it and can feel the telltale signs.

As a matter of fact, I see them right now……..