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…asks “Why are you so happy?”

I’m not; I just hide it well. You don’t see me crying. I do it when I’m alone. In the shower. In the car.

…asks “Is there someone else?”

No, at least that is my verbal response.

Honestly, the only people I’m concerned about are my daughter and me. I’m doing this for us. For our health, well-being, safety, comfort, and stability. Besides, when would I have the time for someone else in my life. I don’t even have enough time for me.

The other half will never totally understand your needs. (S)he can’t. (S)he is not in your shoes. The other person can understand from his or her perspective, but that is shadowed by his or her own past, expectations, and desires.  No one can truly “get” what another person feels or needs. If we could, that would be a miracle, clairvoyance of a sort.

No two people are alike in their makeup, biology, history, etc…

Life is complicated enough trying to understand my own feelings without trying to understand another’s.