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Nauseous, not just physically. Emotionally and Mentally nauseous ready to spew all the nasty vile thoughts that can plague me.

Exhausted. Tired of fighting, tired of trying, tired of carrying the heavy weight of life.

Angry. Mad at my inner voices who won’t shut the f up!

Anxious. A work day full of meeting and a Dr appointment.

Worried. Worried that I not up to the task.

Hopeful. Sort of. Hopeful that I will make it through another day. Probably not unscathed but at least I will survive because that is what I do. What women do (ok, and men too). What depressed, anxious, angry, worried people do. We survive. We make it through. We take those horrible feelings and push them way down inside and muddle through.

Here’s to you: The Survivors of Mental Illness!