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…you know. Those times when something unusual, beautiful, or special happens and you just have to take a breath and enjoy it.
On my 57 minute walk tonight (yeah, my longest) I went up the south side of the street and returned on the opposite side. I try to change it up once in a while. If I hadn’t made that change, I wouldn’t have see them. A flash of movement caught my eye. Two does in someone’s backyard. If I had gone back on the other side of the road, I wouldn’t have seen the, I paused and smiled I looked back to the house next door and one of the women on the side porch pointed. I nodded, letting her know I saw the two beauties. Looking back at the deer, one stared at me. Then she turned tail and ran. Her friend watched her, took a quick peek at me, then took off.

I smiled all the way home.