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Timing: knowing when to walk outside, inside, or just skip it. Since starting, I have rarely “skipped it.” I have, however, gone for a jaunt when it was simply too hot to be out there and I paid the price in sweat. AS they say, timing is everything.

Planning: Every Sunday evening, I have been making at least three, sometimes up to five salads for my workweek lunch. I cut up all the veggies, dried fruit, cheese, and nuts, and pack them in little containers. Some days I take a can of tuna or chicken along for the ride. Other times I put a little extra nuts in the mix for my protein. I know nuts are fatty but if you each a small handful a day, it’s not so bad. And you absolutely DO NEED some fat in your diet. There are nutrients that are fat soluble and your body won’t get them without the fat.

Slowing Down: On my first few ventures, I went all out, not stopping until I reached my driveway again. These walks were a mere ten to fifteen minutes round trip. My body ached. Now that my walks can be 25 minutes or more, I vary my speed, and yes, even pause occasionally. When I do pause, I do some gentle side steps, kick backs, or knee-ups to relieve the stress in my legs and lower back. It helps me to go farther and I’m still increasing my level of movement.

Stay tuned for more of my journey.
Walk on.