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Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of walking daily:
1. Fresh Air and Sunshine. Who doesn’t need more of that?
2. Every day I walk, whether morning or evening, I see at least one form of wildlife. From birds to snakes, rabbits to squirrels, deer to dogs. OK, dogs aren’t wildlife, but you get the picture.
3. Walking clears out the cobwebs. While I’m out there, I think about a current projects I’m working on. Sometimes ideas pop up.

1. Sore feet. It’s been a couple of weeks so I think I’m going to head shopping for a new pair of sneakers.
2. Potential sunburn. I tend to walk just as the sun hits the horizon. Tonight I went a little earlier and I think my skin felt the difference.
3. Aching back, legs, hips. Yup, if your obese like me, walking can do a number on your lower body. I’m hoping as I lose weight, this will lesson over time.

Regardless, I forge on ahead.