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As you may know, I am changing my life. I’ve started walking a few weeks ago. Well, now I do about 25 minutes in the morning and 30 in the evening. I’ve been staying with my salads for lunch and having a light dinner most days. Occasionally, I’ll have a larger dinner but on those nights I make the effort to walk more.

Well, I weigh every day. I watch the scale go up and down. As long as the overall direction is down, I’m good with that. So, the result? As of this AM I am down 8.8 pounds. Wow. I am very close to my first goal!

Motivation is hard. There are times I don’t want to get up early or go outside when it’s hot or my foot hurts. I tell myself, at least go for a short walk. Once I get out there, I push myself a little farther. Just pass one more house, I say in my head. Let’s go a little farther.

I like this new voice in my head that’s telling me I can do it. I’m going to listen to that one instead of the negative Nellie in there that pops her head up every once in a while.

If you have any tips on getting healthy, please share!