I hate to say this but…. duh. Not just in the work place but everywhere. Sometimes the rudest people are the ones to point it out in others.

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Office lifeThe University of Florida recently released findings in a study they did on rudeness in the workplace. They looked at how 90 grad students carried out negotiations with their peers. Students who rated their partners as treating them rudely had a tendency to then behave rudely toward others they interacted with. In other words, there was a tendency to take it out on someone else who wasn’t responsible for treating them badly. The abused became the abuser.

Researchers also found that being the recipient of rudeness makes a person more sensitive to discourteous behavior, but may not necessarily stop them from passing that behavior on to another person. Their findings also revealed that perceived rude actions tended to negatively affect work performance. Other researchers have also found that such negativity at work can lead to bad health if the person at the receiving end internalizes the rudeness without…

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