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Over the past ten days or so I have been occupied with some personal issues. First, I went to the Dr and I’ve decided it’s time to take my health more seriously. For starters, I’ve been eating better. I’ve also been walking. I started with only a few minutes twice a day. My body complained. I added a few steps each day, trying to work through the back spasms, the screaming calves, and the aching arches. I’m now up to fifteen minutes twice a day and I am parking farther away at work to get even more steps in. I have struggled with this all my life. It’s hard. It’s frustrating. It’s painful. But I’m going to do it!!

Second, my grandmother left this world. She had turned 100 year in March. I can’t imagine all the experiences she had, all the happy and sad occasions in her life. Wars. Segregation. Assassination. Births. Marriages. Funerals. Family gatherings. I’m in awe. Honestly, I’m not completely sad at her passing. She suffered from dementia and all that goes with the disease. And now, she is finally able to be with my grandfather. We loved her and miss her.

So, I have been writing, perhaps not quite as much. I have a couple of works in progress. I’ve signed up for a Buddy on #BookCountry

I will try to get here more often. I’ve said this before. I know. But I will try.