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I’m elated for all my gay friends that they can now take the plunge! More than that, I’m happy for the whole community. Not only can gay people get married, their adopted children can now have two parents! I saw a news program this morning where a gay couple were explaining that only one was considered a parent because the two could not get legally married. C’mon, people. A family is a family. It;s how they love each other that is important.

To be honest, not that long ago, my own marriage would come under question. I am white and my spouse is Latino. Many people frown upon interracial marriage. Personally, you cannot decide who you fall in love with. Love has no boundaries. It is color blind and deaf. It doesn’t care about wealth or status.

This is life changing people. A landmark decision. Think of all the ramifications. Take a long drink of equal rights!

Next step, stomp out racism! Do I think I will see the end of racism in my lifetime? Perhaps not completely. We’ve come a long way, but we have a even longer road ahead of us.

America! I’m proud of you!