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As you know, I have recently finished a novel. I need a real good edit. So, when I received an email from #BookCountry saying they are starting a “buddy” system, I thought I would check it out. It is a 12 week “program” for Book Country users where you are paired up with another writer in your genre. Each week, you have tasks, like week 1 is getting to know each other thru private messages and sharing your work. Another week, you read the buddy’s manuscript and write a review on Book Country. Another week, you edit your own work based on the review and other private messaged. There are 3 cycles of review and rewrite.
I decided what the heck, I signed up. I will be matched and I am using When Demons Hide as my manuscript. I’m hoping to get some valuable feedback to make it one of my best books yet.
The bad news, if there is any, relates to my readers. This means at least another 12 weeks before I self publish, OR if I decide the program worked really well, I might actually seek to publish traditionally.

So, wish me luck!
BTW, Book Country is run by Penguin Publishing. How could I go wrong. The worst that can happen is I don’t get a great review. *shrugs* Nothing lost because it gives me experience in critiquing, right?