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AS some of you know, each year my daughter and I travel to our nations capitol to take part in the Race for Hope, benefiting the National Brain Tumor Society. We take the train to the city and spend a few days reconnecting with friends and seeing the sights.

This year we visited the White House. Beautiful paintings, furniture, and window dressings adorn the rooms. The pictures of past dignitaries brought back memories of history lessons about different times in our great country. Inspiring does not even touch the description of the White House.

Today, we did a Duck Tour. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, here’s a little explanation: Originally deemed DUKW, the DC Ducks were designed based on the Army’s GMC 2 Ton 6×6 Trucks. DUKW’s, which affectionately became DUCKS to the many servicemen who appreciated their extraordinary mobility, was the result of a naming technique used by GMC. D, for the year it was designed, 1942, U for the utility nature of the vehicle (amphibious), K because it was all-wheel (like the K series GMC and Chevy Trucks) and W for the dual tandem rear axles.

The DUKW takes passengers around the city to view different historical sites and spends about 30 minutes floating on the Potomac River. The sights were amazing on a clear, sunny day.

Not sure what tomorrow brings other than the race. Usually the walkers and runners meet up afterward for nourishment. Then Monday we head home.

This is the fourth year J and I came and each year we visit something new.mIt’s never disappointing.