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I posted something on FB yesterday about how when you died, you took half my soul. My comment said I saved some of my soul for my surviving daughter. This got me thinking.

  1. If we truly have souls, then there must be an afterlife, right? Heaven, hell or whatever is there. If that is true, then I will see my Maggie again some day. I hope I do.
  2. If there is no such thing as a soul or a heaven, and we are all just animals with brains and will die and feed the earth with our rotting bodies. (melancholy here) This also means that my baby Maggie was nothing more than water and a bunch of minerals.

Believing the latter would mean that all my grieving was for nothing. I was sad for the loss of my daughter when in fact, she wasn’t a “being” at all.

There is just no way that is true. Therefore, I MUST believe in Heaven and the soul. Why else would I have cried so many tears, spent many a night up wondering why she was taken from us, and, even to this day, I miss her terribly?