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Each time I sit to write, I think “This must be the hardest part of writing.” So here’s my list of difficulties when writing:

  1. The beginning… Usually the first chapters are tough because you’re trying to set the scene and capture someone’s attention. How do you grab interested readers in the first few paragraphs so that they say, “Hey, I’d like to find out what happens.”
  2. The middle… Once everything is in motion, keeping the story flowing can be equally as difficult as getting started.
  3. The end… How do you wrap it all up? Without just putting a big red ribbon on everything and making the story neat and tidy, I’d like to have an ending that says, WOW that was a great book! I’d like to read another by the same author.
  4. Editing… Stinks! Re-reading a novel and picking through the grammar, character development, timeline, and so on… can be grueling.
  5. Creating the cover… How do you sum up 90k plus words in one picture?
  6. The book blurb… Very much like the cover, narrows down tons of words in to a short few paragraphs. And similar to the beginning of the piece, you have to hook the reader into buying your work.

Tell me what part of the writing process trips you up…