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We have been slammed with snow lately and rumors are, more is coming. I am done with this! I went to work today, gripping the steering wheel of my husband’s car so tightly… He didn’t want to get up and move his car so I could take mine out of the garage. Took me a while to clean it off. UGH.

So, very few people were at work. I guess I was one of the dumb ones. I worked for about two hours until the precipitation turned to ice, trudged out to the car, scrapped it off, and headed home. By this time, the streets were at least plowed. Still, the ride is full of twists and hills. I think I held my breathe the entire way.

I get home just as hubby is clearing the driveway. Our road had not been plowed! *&^#R*(&@&!  I left his car in the road and waved as he passed me with the snow-blower. I was already frozen from standing in the snow to clean off his car.

When he was done, he had cleared out the side where he parks his car in nice weather so he didn’t have to get up tomorrow when once more I have to attempt to go to work. This time I have to be there to finish payroll.

The snow stopped around six pm and Hubby had to go out again because the plows finally came by.

Six more weeks of this crap until Spring! Will I survive???  I have for many years but the winter weather is beginning to take its toll.

Nah, I’ll stay in New England…

For now…