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While many people are staying home to watch the big game, I’m staying home waiting for yet ANOTHER snow storm to slam the northeast. 8-14 inches they’re saying. UGH. At least I’m not going to work like the last two Sundays.  Although the auditors still have to come back on Monday (providing the roads are passable), we are nearly ready for them.

We’re still Mom-sitting. She is getting better every day. I know she misses her independence. It’s not easy having someone stay at your house when you’ve lived alone for a while.

A little update on the writing front: I’m working on it. I’ve spent a bit more time this week. Not as much as I wanted to, but more that I have been. It’s a step in the right direction.

I’m considering KDP Select for my next book. You sign up and can only publish on Kindle for the first 90 days. The upside it the better royalties, more exposure, and promotional days. The downside is that you have to only publish on Kindle. Since most of my sales are on Kindle, it’s probably a win-win for me.

Anyone have thoughts on this?