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OK, so I’m not sure how this happened. I thought I had published Get Revenge on several platforms already. D2D just added a new platform called Tolino which is Germany’s version of Amazon for eBooks. I went to Draft2Digital and added all my books to Tolino. I just received an email from D2D that Get Revenge is now published on Scribd, Apple-iBooks, Barnes & Noble-Nook, Kobo, and Page Foundry.

So… If you don’t already have Get Revenge and purchase from anyone of these platforms, GO GET REVENGE!

Oh, and in doing my taxes this year, I saw hoe much money I made from my books! I think I covered the expense of the ink and paper. Not much profit but I’m not really in this to make money (at least not a ton of it) LOL. I simply want to share some stories and hopefully help someone escape from reality for a while.