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On a normal Sunday, I get up later, I lounge around in my PJs, have coffee all day, and basically chill. Occasionally, I pay bills or sort laundry. Not today.

Today I had to go to work and help my boss do tax returns. UGH. When I left the house around 8 am, the rain froze on contact with my windshield. Still, I forged ahead and spent 6 hours at work. So much for a restful day.

This time of year is busy for accounting people who work in private accounting. Especially when the company processes their own payroll and therefore payroll taxes. It’s not just the quarterlies that have to be done. All the year end processing like W2s etc MUST get done. Sux to be me.

And now, I am at Mom’s. She came home yesterday after recuperating from her double broken leg. Luckily, she is doing well, she can’t be alone though. My daughter and I are here to help with the dogs and make meals, etc.

Hey, Mom took care of me for many years, it’s time to pay it forward. It’s the least I can do for the woman who gave me life, took care of me through cancer, child birth, and child loss along with all the other highs and lows of my life. My mom is the reason for my survival. She is an amazing woman. I only hope I am half the person she is!