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A horse, as most know is a beautiful four-legged creature. They love to run and prefer to live free.

Some people think a Pony is a baby horse, when in fact, a young horse is a foal. Some ponies are actually adults and others are just cartoons.

A Unicorn, mythically related to the horse, differs distinctly from the horse because of its single (uni) horn. No one that I know of has actually captured a Unicorn. Maybe I’ll give it a shot next time I visit a mythical forest.

A Pegasus is a flying horse in from Greece born of Poseidon and Gorgon Medusa; how Medusa ever was able to copulate is beyond my imagination. They are usually depicted as white although intense breeding over the years has produce many different variations (A Pegasus gets around).

A Pegacorn is the offspring of a Unicorn and a Pegasus and has the wings of one and the horn of the other. Because as we all know, Unicorns are horny and love to get it on with anything. My daughter would like a Pegacorn; I just don’t have the yard space for one.

Most horses will tell you they are not related in any way with Donkeys. Donkeys are like those cousins of whom you do not speak. They’re all a bunch of asses.

And Zebras, they’re the black sheep of the family. While some refer to them as a horse in striped pajamas, they’re closer to a donkey in prison garb.

Zebras and horses are related closely enough that they are able to interbreed, producing a ‘zorse’. unfortunately, once you get a zorse, there nowhere to go from there. They can have fun, but cannot produce offspring.

Zebras can also interbreed with donkeys producing a ‘zeedonk’, and, of course, horses and donkeys can interbreed and produce mules or hinnies.

Not sure what made me write this but hey, it was fun, wasn’t it?

A note from my daughter:

My mom’s weird XD