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I know my depression is kicking in when:

  1. I eat too much or nothing at all
  2. Sleeping is difficult
  3. I tug at my hair
  4. I wonder if physical pain can lessen the emotional turmoil.
  5. Every little thing makes me cry, even a favorite song
  6. I hear that internal voice saying bad things like “You’re so stupid” or “The world would be better without me.”
  7. My body aches
  8. Nothing is beautiful

What I do to get out of it:

  1. Make sure I’m taking my meds
  2. Talk to someone about it
  3. Drink warm liquids like tea before going to bed
  4. Tie my hair up
  5. Eat veggies instead of chips
  6. Journal
  7. Tell that bad voice to shut up
  8. Hide the scissors

How do you cope?