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Your situation is tough. It’s been a long road. You did everything you possibly could to change it but you’ve exhausted the possibilities. So…

1. KILL: Whether you conspire and hire another to do it or you get your own hands dirty, the consequences are pretty stiff. I mean really! Who gets away with murder these days? How many unsolved murders are there?

2. SUICIDE: Another viable option, yet there is someone you cannot leave behind. That person would suffer from the loss. You just can’t do that.

3. LIVE: Yes, the situation is grim, downright awful at times. But what choice do you have? One and Two always leave that one person behind who should not be made to suffer from your weakness.

So, You’re stuck. Stuck like a fly on paper, a gnat in a spiderweb, just waiting for the situation to suck the life out of you slowly like blood draining from your wrist when you just didn’t cut deep enough. A Kosher animal hung by its back legs until the life force is completely gone.

end of rant