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Just read a post about a guy giving someone a hand shake at the end of a first date. What do you all think about that. Personally, if it’s to pull me into a tight hug, then cool. Otherwise, just say good night, it’s been nice. This is not a “purchase” or a business meeting.

I think it depends on the date. If it went well, then a hug or peck on the cheek is in order. If it really sucked, then politely say, I don’t think this is going to work out and leave.

Since I’ve been married for nearly 13 years (gah! has it really been that long?), dating is a distant memory. (If you know me, my memory stinks! LOL) I can’t remember the ends of any real first dates. Oh, there was one where I invited the guy into my apartment. I went to the bathroom to empty my bladder and I came back to see him half dressed on the sofa. UGH. Get a life and do it somewhere else.

Honestly. I don’t even think I really “dated” my husband. He was a co-worker’s brother who lived in another state. We talked on the phone many times before we met. And they way he looked at me when we drove down to meet him told me “Wow” he’s got a great smile and he obviously digs the tight red jeans I have on. We hugged good-bye and cheek kissed (if I remember correctly). A few months later he moved up here and nine months later my beautiful daughter was born. (OOPS) Anyhoo, to much about me.

What does te perfect end to a first date look like to you?