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My writing laptop continues to give me a message that my fan is not working. It sounds like it is but it is much quieter than normal.
So, if anyone out there knows how to get the damn back opened, I’d love to hear suggestions. My nephew tried but there is one last screw that he could not get off.
My other option is to get one of Hubby’s tech friends to take a look. If he can fix, we can sell the thing. It turned 2 in October so I am sure it still has life in it.
A third option is to sell it cheap. It has Windows 8. I use it mostly to write, blog, and play some games on it. It’s the games that heat it up.
If anyone has a clue as to how to open it or is interested, please email me at hmjmdeleon@gmail.com or add a comment here, on FB, or Twitter. Thanks.