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How do you celebrate?

Normally, we all gather at my Mom’s house as she has the biggest dining room. Mom cook’s the bird. Each of the three siblings makes a dish or two and brings it over. Dad usually brings the same chocolate cake (LOL).

Less than two weeks ago, Mom fell and broke her femur. She has since been moved to a rehab facility. Luckily, it is in the same building when my grandmother lives. So to make life easy on us all we had to change things up.

Tuesday night, my daughter and I went to the facility where the staff puts on a Thanksgiving dinner for the patients and their families. We brought Mom and Nana downstairs and the four of us had dinner with a man and his sister who is also a patient there. It was lovely. Four generations of my family together. It was great!

Tomorrow, we are picking up a feast from a local place so no one has too cook. We’re still eating at Mom’s. My daughter insisted we make dessert, We already make pumpkin bread with fresh pumpkins. In the morning we’re mixing the batter for Chocolate Molten Lava cake. We’ll toss it in the oven during dinner. Then, we’re bringing it to the facility to have dessert with my mom and grandmother.

Not much tradition but we’ll all be together and THAT is what’s important.

No Thursday early black Friday shopping for me. No Way!