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On Sunday morning I like to get up early even when I don’t have anything pressing to do. Sometimes I awake and remember a dream that might make a good plot line. Other times I check my emails that I did not have the time to deal with earlier in the week. I receive messages from other writer’s blogs or websites and when the topic is of particular interest, I leave the email until I can devote more energy into digesting the information.

I have a “normal” 8-4:30 job and a family to care for when I get home. After dinner, I like to wind down. I know I should spend time writing so that takes the next bit of my time. So when I get an email about writing topics evenings after work, I am just too spent to really soak in the details. I save the message until I can really delve into it later. Usually that’s on Sunday.

Sometimes, hubby works Saturday night. When he gets home, he’ll come upstairs and put on the overhead light and the television. This is not exactly conducive to either sleep or writing. Alternate Sundays, he stays in bed. Those are the days I can take my flash drive downstairs and write in the quiet atmosphere of the house where everyone is still fast asleep.

Week night writing is general more editing. My mind is not always creative, but I make sure I spend at least a little time editing or jotting down ideas.