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There are days when I wonder what the heck am I doing this for? Face it, I’m not making a living by writing. Yet there is this driving need to do so.

I have about 30+ finished works, three idea which I have written less than a chapter, one with about 4 chapters, one very close to being finished, and one that is about 3/4 done with first draft. Not to mention the unwritten ideas! Those are mostly just concepts that I really want to get to but I have so much in progress, GUH!

There are also days when I can’t wait to sit down at the laptop and write my little heart out. Like when I get an email from a website saying I’m getting a royalty pmt from one of my eBooks or when I’m notified from Book Country that I have a message or a book I have on peer review is featured! And then there are times when my friend Sue emails me and says “Got anything new I can read?” LOL Those are the days when I know it is all worth it.

I publish all my stuff as eBooks so far. It’s no way to get big sales but it gets my name out there. I admit that since starting to write in 2011, much of my work was posted on sites where my friends read for free. In the beginning, I was only doing it for the fun of it, for the comments people would make (questions about what’s going to happen next or when the next chapter would be posted.) At the time it was enough and I do miss the “instant” feedback chapter by chapter.

While I don’t regret sharing my work for free, I wish I had learned earlier that it was so easy to self publish. On the other hand, I read my earlier works and, quite frankly, they are not good. They have immature grammar and underdeveloped characters. I’ve tried reading some of the older stuff in hopes I can edit and make it publish worthy. I’ve given up on that. Some are just too far from where I am now as a writer. Am I rambling?

I guess the question “How are you feeling about your writing?” has a variety of answers depending on my mood and what’s going on at the time. It ebbs and flows just like any other emotion!