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Ok, not the whole holiday, I’m simply not “buying” Christmas. If I decide to do presents, I’m going to make them. I usually give the “kids” in our family money because I never know what to get. My niece and nephew are in college so money is best for them. My daughter received an expensive laptop recently and when we gave it to her, it was made known that it was an early Christmas present and she was getting nothing else from her parents.

So, why am I not buying anything?
1. Stores are changing last minute delivery dates. While this may be good for those who shop online, it really sucks for those who deliver the packages. USPS, UPS, FedEx, and other delivery service employees deserve a holiday too!

2. I have a friend in retail and she can’t even take time off because this is already considered the busy season. It’s not even halfway through November!

3. All these “early” black Friday sales are driving me insane. People are falling prey to the media and businesses, changing their lives around to make it to sales rather than spending quality time with their kids.

4. Another black Friday complaint… Think about those poor employees of places like Walmart and Best Buy. They have to spend their holiday season dealing with crazy shoppers, yelling, screaming, pushing, all the crap that goes along with rush sales and limited quantities. It’s hell season for them. They are forced to leave their families at home to deal with retail crap just so big business can make more money!

I am so sick of the commercialism of the holiday season.

So whatever holiday you celebrate this year, do yourself a favor and skip buying a ton of presents. give things like coupons for a homemade meal, a tray of cookies you made at home, handmade gifts that come from the heart, or simply spending more time with those you love. Let’s bring back the celebration of family and kill the buying blitz!