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…we’ll marry our fortunes together.”

Anyone see the recent Amex commercial where they place Simon & Garfunkel’s America. OMG Brings back memories of Saturdays as a kid. Mom would put on the Simon and Garfunkel and each of the three kids were sent to a floor to clean. I liked doing the ground floor. One bathroom and the “rec” room. Easy.

I miss those days. Life seemed easy. OK, selective memory. We had some difficult times but we survived and now we are all adults, two of us have kids of our own, and my Hubby actually has 5 (?) or 6 grand kids. I lost track of 1. And another was just born two days ago.

How life changes..?

Music plays a big part in our lives. It inspires, makes us think, reminds us of good and bad times, and causes emotional changes.

Listen to some music today!