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To be a writer, you need a thick skin. I often ask readers what they think of my work. People who are afraid to offend will say polite words. I appreciate that. On the other hand, honesty helps me to shape my craft much more than a kind word.

I am a member of a writing site where writer’s can share their work with other writers. The first few times I posted a passage, I was hurt by some of the comments. It took some time, but stepping back and reading the critiques as if they were writing about a book I read instead of a book I write gave me a totally different perspective.

My most recent sharing also took some criticism yet I was able to weed out what I thought was helpful and what I felt was one person’s opinion. I re-wrote the passage and it is much better. It’s only the opening scenes, not even a whole chapter. Still, it gave me an eye into where I think the story should go.